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Ali Kıncal was born in 1987, in İzmir, a port city on Aegean coast of Turkey, and has been living there since. He holds a B.A. from Dokuz Eylül University‘s department of Economics. He’s currently a graduate student at the same university’s Department of European Union studies.

In 2012, he received “Sadık Acar Scientific Research Award”, which is given annually in honor of the late scholar Prof. Sadık Acar. His article examining the reasons behind Turkey’s current account deficit won the competition and was later published in a refereed scientific journal called “Finans Politik & Ekonomik Yorumlar” (December 2012).

In June 2013, when Gezi Park protests were still going on in Turkey, he decided to start this blog. Spreading accurate information, explaining Turkey and its region from a local perspective are his primary goals.

Between 2014-2015, he participated in an international collaborative research project called “The EU’s Expanding Trade Policy Agenda Challenging EU-Turkey Customs Union“.

Selected Articles:

Dark Days Ahead“, co-authored with Dr. Claire Berlinski, The American Interest, July 2016.

Will Erdoğan’s ‘Executive Presidency’ Ensure Stability in Turkey“, Muftah.org, April 2017.

From Brussels to Ankara, Selective Empathy May Be a Thing of the Past“, Muftah.org, April 2016.

The Japanese Development: History and Policies“, (In Turkish), DERIN (Dokuz Eylul University Journal of Research and Innovation), June 2016.

As Guest:

BBC World TV, “Impact”, 13.04.2017, On the constitutional referendum in Turkey.

BBC World Radio, “World Have Your Say“, 20.12.2016, On the assassination of Andrei Karlov, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey.

BBC World Radio, “Outside Source“, 07.04.2017, On the U.S. missile strikes against the Syrian regime.


E-mail: kincal.ali@gmail.com

You can follow him on Twitter (@AliKINCAL) and reach him on Facebook.


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